Certificate Course: Creative Writing

Shahjehan Saleem

Shahjehan Saleem is a celebrated life & style journalist based in Karachi and has worked with leading publications in Pakistan. He is also a lecturer at SZABIST and Ziauddin University in the Media Sciences department.


Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce students to the various forms of creative writing, including fictional and non-fictional forms. Through the various exercises, home and class assignments, they will learn the various techniques of self-expression and originality.


Course Objectives:

By using the fundamentals of dramatic criteria, the students will work both individually and collaboratively, and practice receiving and providing critical analyses. By helping them draw on their own personal, cultural and observational experiences, this course aims to develop original self expression.


Learning Outcomes:

The students should be able to solve problems, think creatively, and write original narratives. They will be introduced to the various elements and techniques used in creative writing including character development, plot, themes, point of views, dialogue, metaphors and similes through the various forms such as short stories, essays, plays, poetry, movie scripts, memoirs, etc. By the end of this course they would be able to gain a good understanding of narrative styles and structures.


Class Schedule:

Creative WritingShahjehan Saleem


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm