Certificate Course: Digital Marketing

Shehan Rayer – Head of Business Development, East River (Pvt.) Ltd.

Shehan Rayer is an avid digital marketer, who believes in content backed by digital executions tailored to reach a brand’s core audience. Certified by both facebook (Blueprint) & Google (AdWords) he has seen the evolution of digital content from his past experiences at Starcom to his current with East River. Currently he is overseeing the growth of the digital agency with both MNC & FMCG clients.


Course Objectives 

  1. Understand how and why to use digital marketing for multiple goals within a larger marketing and/or media strategy
  2. Understand the major digital marketing channels – online advertising: Digital display, video, mobile, search engine, and social media
  3. Learn to develop, evaluate, and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan
  4. Learn how to measure digital marketing efforts and calculate ROI
  5. Explore the latest digital ad technologies
  6. Learn basics of design elements and creative strategy


Course Contents:

  • Going Digital
    1. The changing face of advertising
    2. The Technology Behind Digital Advertising
    3. The people behind digital advertising
  • Strategic Thinking
    1. Your Business and Digital Marketing
    2. Defining your digital marketing strategy
    3. Understanding the Digital Consumer
    4. Mind your P’s
    5. In-class assignment (Group Work)
  • Social Media and Online Consumer Engagement
    1. What is Social Media
    2. The different forms of social media
    3. The rules of engagement
    4. Adding social media to your own website
  • Social Media and Online Consumer Engagement
    1. When to use paid social media advertising
    2. Find and engage with Key influencers
    3. Develop content strategies to reach target audiences
    4. How to create and use hashtags
  • Online PR and Reputation Management
    1. Fostering a positive online image
    2. Promoting your business through online channels
    3. Monitoring the conversation – Reputation Management
    4. Damage Limitation – Turning the tide when things go wrong
  • Affiliate Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
    1. Recognizing Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships
    2. What is Affiliate Marketing
    3. The click that really counts
    4. What advertisers should do
  • Your Website
    1. How to make your website the hub of your digital marketing efforts
    2. The main steps of building an effective website
    3. Choosing your Domain Name
  • Digital Media Buying
    1. Facebook and Instagram
    2. Twitter
    3. Google Display, Search and Video (Youtube)
    4. In-class assignment
  • The Search for Success
    1. About the search engines
    2. Organic Search (SEO and Paid Search SEM)
    3. Optimizing for search engines
    4. Advertising on Search Engines
  • Measuring ROI
    1. How to measure digital media efforts
    2. Digital Media Metrics
    3. Qualitative vs Quantitative Analysis
    4. In-class assignment
  • Digital Media Creative
    1. Creative application of digital media
    2. What works and what doesn’t
    3. Creative for Mobile
    4. Best Practices for Video
  • Putting it all together
    1. Creating a strategy + group work


Class Schedule:

Digital MarketingShehan RayerWednesday/Friday

10:00 am – 1:00 pm