Shallum’s Music workshop

Aims & Objectives

  • This  certificate  course will fully support the musical development of young people along with  exchange of ideas and information  between  professional artists and other musical groups from various parts of Karachi representing different genres like Pop, Rock, Eastern Classical, Folk, Fusion, Jazz.
  • Introduce appropriate musical terminology to describe and reflect critical understanding of music.
  • Comparative analysis of music in relation to time, place and cultures.
  • Creative skills through exploration, control and development of playing techniques.


This course enables students to develop their musical skills through solo performance and composition, to develop their perceptual skills in response to a wide variety of music (Eastern/Western, Blues/Jazz & Rock) and to explore the diversity of music throughout the world. Students also undertake an investigation into a topic of their choice.

This course  will assist students in developing their potential as a musician, both personally and as a team.


Musical perception, history and popular genresAn insight on various primitive and modern cultures of music across the world.
Creating /playing (Chords and scales)Major and minor scales, chords and modes
Left and right hand techniqueFinger positioning, stance, posture, velocity and control.
Jam sessionsDeveloping performance ability and confidence
Celebrity work shop(once a month)


  • Monday: Listening /chords and theory
  • Wednesday: Composition and rhythm techniques
  • Friday: Performance master class

Program Design

  • Interactive jam sessions
  • Fusing various scales
  • Impromptu live performances
  • Workshops
  • Music lessons on development of technique

Celebrity Workshop

  • Faster implementation of ideas
  • Avoid pitfalls which derail progress
  • Eliminating time and frustration
  • Great level of emotional engagement
  • Be more confident bringing your best self to your professional role
  • Be a better problem solve
  • Develop beliefs that support student success
  • Build capacity to set clear and consistent boundaries
  • Communicate with respect and assertiveness to maintain supportive relationships and goodwill
  • Self management
  • Social media, marketing and PR
  • Combatting instability, taboos and Prejudice
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Changing times and ever evolving music

One-to-one Music Lessons

  • Better Troubleshooting
  • Develop Better Problem Solving Strategies
  • Better Time Management
  • Better Focus and Concentration

Basic Introduction to Western Music Theory

  • Skills development work shop.
  • Introduction to pitch and rhythm.
  • Ear training.