Executive Board



Mr. Faizan S. Syed

Founder Director, Ziauddin College of Media Sciences
CEO, East River Digital






Mr. Latif Abbasi
Associate Professor

Specializes in media development with a focus on multimedia, imaging, digital audio and video, and other relevant digital technologies.



Mr. Ata Syed
Assistant Professor

A design expert with diverse experience in graphic design, typography, marketing, IT, and programming

Visiting Faculty



Ms. Arsala Babar
Script Writing – Film Design – Film History



Mr. Naveed Siddiqui
Design Fundamental – Maths & Stats – Multimedia Foundation – Art Design




Wajahat Ali 
Raster & Vector Graphics




Hammad Bin Syed
Entrepreneurship – Strategic Marketing




Misbah Uddin Qadri
Media Psychology and Communication Studies