I still remember the first day as I walked through the corridors of the vicinity that changed my life. Ziauddin College of Media Sciences! The place where every day I faced new academic challenges right from the moment I penned down my name on the admission test paper. The moment established and cemented the foundation of my intellect and made me what I am today. With the most seasoned faculty, state-of-the-art technology, and the environment of an ivy league institution, I emerged with a new skill set at every dawn for the last four years. It helped me expand in the journalistic horizon, tapped and honed my abilities in social, cultural, and academic context. I, Faras Kirmani can humbly say that I learned the art of governing media ethics under the elite masters of the industry. The first internship offered by in house HTV news department paved way for me to excel in my professional career after my second semester. Their exuberant counseling procedures helped me transition from a book worm to the President of Ziauddin Media Society. I cannot thank Allah Almighty enough for blessing me with the privilege to study here in Ziauddin University. I am sure one day I would proudly stand as an established media personnel in time to come.



These 4 years that I spent at ZCOMS, I see a roller coaster ride full of memories. This institute offered more than its academic courses. It offered an experience that led to growth and grooming. It not only taught us the theory but also taught us about real life experience. Top media professionals shared their experiences and prepared us for the ground reality of how the industry is. It actually taught me how to play along with my strengths and avail opportunities. Ziauddin University is actually filling in the gap by producing skilled professionals for the industry. ZCOMS is not like any other institute, It is a place which nurtures you to become who you want to be.



My name is Maryam; I’m currently a 4th Year student in my seventh semester. My experience at ZCOMS has been an amazing one. In my opinion, ZCOMS is like a family where students from all walks of life share the same umbrella of care and love.I am fortunate to be a part of this institute in a renowned university like Ziauddin. ZCOMS has taught me to fly high above where the sky has no limits and at the same time helped me to think out of the box. My creativity knows no bounds when it comes to practical assignments assigned by astounding faculty at ZCOMS. My interest in media studies has increased more than I started off with and now wish to explore this further more. I am sure I would be fully groomed for the real world by the time I graduate from ZCOMS!