Online Classes

As a result of the lockdown imposed by the government in March 2020 all educational institutions were required to suspend their classes. The lockdown happened after five weeks of classes of ZCOMS’ spring 2020 semester. ZCOMS promptly responded to the situation by implementing an online learning program in order to avoid delays in students’ education.

With the support from the IT department, ZCOMS planned for the online classes for the remaining semester. All the faculty members were consulted in the process to ensure best possible teaching and assessment methods for achieving desired learning outcomes. The classes, assessments and term projects were all carried out online using latest technology and e-learning platforms were necessary support to the students and faculty was provided by the university as and when required. With support and cooperation from faculty and students, ZCOMS managed to finish the spring 2020 semester on time as had been scheduled in the academic calendar.
To ensure further improvement in the quality of online education, Ziauddin University has collaborated with some of the world’s leading online education platforms such as edEx and Coursera where ZU teachers and students can enroll in hundreds of courses free of cost. All teachers are encouraged to get certification in online teaching in order to understand current international trends in e-learning and become better equipped to teach online, should this pandemic situation prevail in future semesters.
The following faculty at ZCOMS has completed their training in the following courses:

Faculty Name

Course Title

Provider / University

Tehmina Lodhi

Learning to Teach Online

Coursera / UNSW

Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online

edX Arizona State University

Latif Abbasi

Learning to Teach Online

edX Arizona State University

Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online

Coursera / UNSW

Ata Syed

Learning to Teach Online

edX Arizona State University

Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online

Coursera / UNSW

ZCOMS Online Open house

ZCOMS arranged for an online open house to the general public in which the faculty spoke about the program of BS(CMS) and its unique features and how the Media College plans on delivering online education if required in the Fall 2020 semester.

Guest Lectures

Online Guest Lectures were arranged by ZCOMS and were attended by students and Faculty of ZCOMS and open to the public. They were well received and generated good feedback.

Production Design- Guest Speaker Session

Guest Speaker: Namsa Abbasi
Namsa Abbasi is a production designer with 13 years of experience, having worked on 2 feature films (Moor and The Legend of Maulajat), over a hundred commercials for leading brands and music videos.She discussed the importance of design in film making, her experience in the industry, challenges, triumphs and the passion it takes to keep at it.

Queen of Rain

To showcase musical talents of students, ZCOMS has initiated a series of music productions by the name of “MuZCOMS”The first production, “Queen of Rain” was a tribute to Marie Fredriksson, lead vocalist of Roxette who passed away on December 9, 2019.The song was produced and performed by the students of ZCOMS.

DICE-CAM 2019 Winner

ZCOMS’ student, Maryam Qureshi’s documentary, “Black Water”, won Best Documentary award along with a cash prize of Rs. 100,000 at DICE-CAM 2019.

All the students, staff and faculty at ZCOMS congratulate Maryam for this achievement and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Interactive Guest Speaker Session

ZCOMS arranged an interactive guest speaker session with Ali Amir on October 9, 2019. Mr. Ali Amir is an accomplished business leader having 25 years of rich and impactful commercial experience in diverse markets of Middle East and Southeast Asia. His diverse experience in Pakistan includes working with Tapal, McDonald’s and Unilever to name a few. His current assignment is as Head of Marketing, Almarai Dairy Beverages. Almarai is world’s largest vertically integrated company and No. 1 FMCG in GCC region.
He shared his insightful experiences at different stages of his career and also emphasized the growing importance of marketing in the field of Media Sciences.
The session was highly appreciated by the students who asked several questions after the talk.

Annual Beach Trip

ZCOMS arranged a fun-packed picnic at Turtle Beach to welcome new students and farewell graduating students. Attended by the students and alumni, the trip was full of enjoyment and included delicious food, DJ music and acoustic session with the talented students.

Thesis Display 2019

Ziauddin College of Media Sciences held thesis display of their 5th graduating batch on 4th July, 2019. Graduates of all the three majors Advertising, Journalism and Film & Video had put up their work for the external jury and guests.

The display comprised service based applications and ready-to-be launched brands; eye-opening documentaries and short films and well researched presentations by the journalism students which attracted more than a few. It was a proud day for the excited and gleaming final year students showcasing their yearlong hard work. It all paid off when they received compliments from the jury, visitors, faculty and other college students who came to see the Thesis Display.

We had with us the veteran Mirza Mehmood Ahmed a well known cinematographer with his 45 years of experience for our Film Jury, Ms Rafia Haider chief reporter of Associated Press Pakistan with her 20 years of experience in various fields of health, education, development and environment, as our journalism jury and Mr. Aijaz Ahmed with his 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing, as our jury for Communication & Design.

Education Field Trip: Gorak Hills & Sehwan Sharif

November 23rd & 24th: Students and faculty of ZCOMS went to Gorak Hills and Sehwan Sharif for an educational field trip. Students saw Sindi culture in completely different light and learned many new things. The trip was enjoyed to the fullest with camping, folk concert and fireworks.  The sun set at Gorak Hills top is one not to be missed and so is the star gazing at night. Much was learnt and valuable experiences and information gathered at Sehwan Sharif at the mausoleum of Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar. All in all, the trip was a perfect combination of fun and learning.

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