Zindagi Trust

ZCOMS signed an MOU with Zindagi trust for providing students opportunities for internships and volunteer experiences. This agreement will provide exposure and opportunities to the students through engagement in media-related creative projects.

Art Fest 2023

The College of Media Sciences, Ziauddin University celebrates the creativity of the students at the Art Fest! We witnessed some of the most amazing art projects and screenings that brought the magic of the big screen to life.

Online Session

Guest Speaker: Adnan Faisal

Adnan Faisal is the CEO of FHM magazine and People magazine.

In this online session he discussed the importance of responsible journalism in Pakistan and how journalism can shape the collective of views of the masses.

Online Session

Guest Speaker: Imran Ali Dina

Imran Ali Dina is a well known digital artist and teacher. He is mostly recognized by his online alias GFXMentor.

Imran share his success story and stressed the importance of acquiring skills in digital media and arts.

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