ZCOMS First Batch Graduated At Convocation 2017

Convocation 2017 marked a milestone for ZCOMS as this year its first batch graduated; a proud moment for Ziauddin University. Ziauddin College of Media Sciences was inaugurated in 2013 with the mission to train the young minds to be curious and creative and instill it with a distinct understanding of media and the courage to act on its beliefs. ZCOMS envisions communication and media as the ultimate bridge between endowments and entitlements. ZCOMS 1st batch convocation was an electrifying moment as this was the first batch that had placed the cornerstone for a media department in Ziauddin University being the most senior batch. Bidding farewell is the absolute toughest thing to do because you have to walk away with just a memory and after a while that memory fades. We hope and pray that ZCOMS would bid farewell to more batches year after year for decades to come.

Media Society Elections

Ziauddin College of Media Sciences held its 2nd Media Society elections with full zeal on 11th April 2017. Ziauddin College of Media Sciences always has a goal of bringing the entire Ziauddin University on one platform. Giving the entire University a privilege to cast their votes in Ziauddin Media elections was like adding another feather to the proud Managements cap. The elections were conducted in a lively manner and all the departments appreciated the efforts of ZCOMS.

A Session on “My Role as a Spokesperson Vs the Role of a Responsible Media”

ZCOMS students attended a very vibrant session at the US consulate Karachi on 14th March 2017. The session was conducted by a very seasoned media professional. ZCOMS students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of interacting with the US Spokesperson at the US Consulate on “My Role as a Spokesperson Vs the Role of a Responsible Media”. It was wonderful to see ZCOMS students ranging from 1st year to final year confidently raise very meaningful questions to the distinguished speaker. We look forward for a continued engagement of collaboration with the US Consulate for further institutional development.

ZCOMS Participation in Whales College Fest

ZCOMS participated in Whales College Fest on 21st Feb 2017. The students represented ZCOMS with full swing and got a tremendous response. Top notch universities of Karachi participated in this college fest All in all it was a good experience and people were acquainted with the fact that Ziauddin is not only a medical college but it also concentrates on diverse and most emerging fields as well such as a media college.

Ziauddin University Annual Carnival

ZCOMS Media society is always at the brim when it comes to organizing events. This time yet again Media Society came up with an exclusive plan to gather all the departments of Ziauddin University under the same umbrella. This was the second year that ZCOMS had arranged an annual carnival which was yet again a super-duper hit. This carnival was organized on the 1st December 2016 and all the medical department students of Ziauddin participated in full swing along with the ZCOMS department students. This added yet another feather to our proud department and events management cap when the guards said that “in 10 years we have never seen such a successful event.” ZCOMS and Media society will continue to organize such events in the future as well.

ZCOMS First Batch Farewell

Bidding farewell is the absolute toughest thing to do because you have to walk away with just a memory and after a while that memory fades. ZCOMS organized its first farewell on 19th November 2016. It was one of its kinds because the students of ZCOMS actually put in their heart and soul to organize and bid farewell to their seniors. Awards and titles were presented to the faculty and first batch students. Precious memories were shared which the seniors would take along with them when they graduate and will treasure them for decades to come.

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